Sandhill Crane Education for Teachers

Sandhill cranes are very distinctive birds because of their bugle call, their large size, their pale gray body feathers and red featherless cap and their complex behavior patterns. The Greater Sandhill crane is listed as a “Threatened Species” by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Teachers who would like a specific lesson plan for their particular age group are encouraged to contact SOS Cranes and we will provide materials.

SOS Cranes will work with teachers to provide private tours for classes. We can also come to your school as a docent on Sandhill Cranes for 3rd and 4th grade classes. Contact us for more information and to make arrangements.



Bird Migration Game

How it’s played: The teacher sets up 7 stations around the room. Children are given a sheet of paper with seven blanks for the stamps and seven sentences that match the stamps. They are asked to go to the stations and match the stamp with the sentences describing the activities in a crane’s life cycle.

Station 1 has a photo of cranes feeding in a farmer’s field in the Central Valley. A snowflake stamp.

Station 2 has a photo of cranes standing in water in groups. A moon stamp.

Station 3 has a photo or drawing of grasslands with seeds, bugs, and rodents. A bug stamp.

Station 4 has a map of the migration paths to their nesting sites in Oregon, and Alaska. An airplane stamp.

Station 5 has photos of power lines and airports and windmills. A skull and crossbones stamp.

Station 6 has a picture of a dancing pair of cranes. A heart stamp.

Station 7 has a photo of a nest in grass with young cranes. A nest with baby birds stamp.