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Save Our Sandhill Cranes, in partnership with the Sacramento Audubon Society, conducts free tours annually, between October and March.

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Join our mailing list and keep informed of current issues. Find out about the positive or negative impact of land use decisions that effect Sandhill Crane habitats.

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Train with the California Department of Fish & Game and become a docent for the popular Sandhill Crane Wetland Tour program in Lodi.

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Your donation to SOS Cranes can earn you a tax deduction while helping to preserve local crane habitat. Help preserve the Sandhill Crane's beauty.

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Crane Poetry By B. Forman

The Call of Courage

Beautiful racket
roars from a sleepy, misty marsh
sun cracks a smile
as the courage of cranes commands
our attention of their wisdom
illuminated at day break
expousing the virtues of the Delta

Night Magic

Tule fog creeps in
hiding cranes in the twilight
duo of phantoms
dancing with no one to watch
shrouded in their courtship and marvel

Our Only Hope

Cranes returning to the valley
their sphere of influence
constricted by vineyards and villains
of mass destruction
converting marshes and cornfields
to tracts of streets dripping with oil and greed
shutting out the flocks with curtains and glass
turning away the trumpets of nature
to some distant shrinking field
a token of heritage whose ability to touch,
to mesmerize, to provoke is our only hope
to save our last wilderness

Prepare for Landing

Welcome to Woodbridge
international airport
drop your weary wings
eat, drink, dance, rest, breathe, bond, live
welcome back to your homeland

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